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Headed To A Trade Show? 2 Things Your Promotional Products Say About Your Company

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When you are headed to a trade show, you might be more concerned about how your booth will look and how your employees will behave than you are about the free gifts you will be handing out to the public. However, since research has shown that 58% of people hang onto those little trinkets for between one and four years, they might be worth a second look. Here are two things your promotional products say about your company, and how you can use them to improve your image: 

1: Who You Are

Although you might be tempted to meet with a vendor and start designing a custom key chain as soon as you hear the word "promotional products," it is important to keep in mind that these free gifts should serve one vital purpose: to familiarize the public with your business. Here are a few things you should always include on a promotional item, and why it matters:

  • Logo: Sometimes, people make the mistake of leaving logos off of promotional products simply because everyone else includes them. However, when people can see and touch your logo on a daily basis, they might be more likely to recall your company. In fact, research has shown that 89% of consumers can remember the company name off of a promotional item they received in the past two years.  
  • Message: When you attend a trade show, try to identify your target audience so that you can include messages pertaining to them on your merchandise. For example, if you own a catering company and you are targeting moms with kids, you could include a message like "helping you to make your life a little less hectic" on your promo materials.

Whatever you choose to put on your promotional items, make sure that your merchandise is clearly distinguishable from your competitors. If you know that your company logo looks a lot like one another business uses, consider working with a graphic design company to change it beforehand. By simply changing the color, size, or orientation of your logo, you might be able to set your business apart.  

2: What You Do

You can also use your promotional products to remind the public of how you can help them in their everyday lives. Think about what your business does on a day-to-day basis, and which products would fall in line with your services. Here are a few examples of how you could do this:

  • Thumb Drives: If you own a technology company, consider giving out gifts that a fellow tech-lover would be able to use. Things like thumb drives, mouse pads, or keyboard covers might give your programmer and developer friends a way to remember your company.  
  • Water Bottles: Does your company focus on personal wellness or athletic activity? If so, giving out a great water bottle that clients can take to the gym on a daily basis might help you to appeal to customers who could use your products.    
  • Ear Buds: If you have a consultation business or sell motivational speaking products, you might decide to give out ear buds. In addition to giving people an easy way to listen to your speeches in their free time, they might be able to use those earphones when they travel, exercise, or relax.

Because promotional items act as a physical reminder of your business, try to resist the temptation to buy cheap products. It might seem tempting to save a few bucks on inexpensive mugs, but if that cup falls apart a few weeks down the road, it might not send the right message to your potential customers.  

Investing a little time and money into your promotional products might help you to get people excited about your company and to go to sites, so that you can protect your bottom line.